Citrus Scab Verrucosis

Citrus scab Verrucosis is a disease of citrus affecting leaves and fruit.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

Citrus scab causes scab like marks of the peel of lemons and other citrus. Leaves also become curled and develop scab like lesions. Although the affect of this disease is to make the fruit 'ugly' the juice is usually still usable. Infection starts when the fruit is small and in cool damp conditions.


Once symptoms are noticeable it is not possible to stop the disease and the fruit should be used for juice.

Prevent infection the following year by carrying out a winter spray programme.

  • In frost free weather prune and destroy dead, damaged and diseased parts of trees and shrubs. Then protect them from disease and pests using Kiwicare winter protectants PLANThealth Copper Fungicide, Organic Super Sulphur and Organic Super Spraying Oil. Use them separately a few weeks apart. This will control fungal spores and insect eggs on the trees and prevent fungal disease entering through damaged parts of the plants. Spray again after any pruning and throughout winter.

  • Clear up leaf litter and dead twigs or other plant material on the ground below and around your trees, shrubs and roses. This can be disposed of in your organics bin, burned or composted, but if composting make sure the compost is not used for at least 6 months to ensure any disease spores and pest eggs are killed.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Citrus scab is caused by the fungus Elsinoe fawcettii

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