Desjardins Beetle

Desjardin's beetles are often found among flaxes and palms and can be attracted indoors by lights at night. Sometimes in considerable numbers. It is frequently found in worm farms.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

Desjardin's beetle are small (4-5 mm) elongated brown and black beetles found feeding on moulds growing on plants such as flax and palms. The nymph of the beetle are a little smaller, pale, lack the elytra and wings of the adult with clearly segmented thorax and abdomen.



  • If necessary we recommend protecting your home by spraying possible entry points and places where you are finding them indoors with NO Bugs Super.

In the Garden

  • Although these beetles may be found in large numbers in flaxes, palms and other plants they do not do harm and do not need treated.

In Worm Farms

  • Desjardin's beetles do not usually cause any harm in the worm farm and we would recommend leaving them there and not treating the farm interior.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Desjardins beetle is Cryptamorpha desjardinsi

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