Guava Moth Caterpillar

Guava moth caterpillars bore into the fruit of guavas, feijoas, stone fruits and citrus, damaging and rotting the fruit.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

You may notice the presence of guava moth caterpillars by small entry holes in the skin of the fruit and tunnels with larvae inside. Infestation may also make the fruit appear bruised and cause it to drop early.


Damage Prevention

  • Cover green fruit you wish to protect with fine mesh cloth such as curtain netting to prevent moths laying eggs on fruit. Secure with tape to the supporting branch. Remove fallen and rotting fruit and associated leaf litter from beneath trees and bury or burn it. This will destroy pupating guava moths.
  • Monitor for the presence of moths using a guava moth pheromone trap.
  • As soon as moths are caught in the traps apply Organic Insect Control to control caterpillars before they bore into the fruit. Re-apply at 7 day intervals until moths are no longer caught. It is best applied late in the day.
  • Clear up all fallen fruit and mow the areas below trees to prevent guava moth pupating in the leaf litter.


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