Scabies Mite

Scabies mite is a skin parasite that causes scabies which is a contagious skin condition with symptoms of rash and intensely itchy skin.

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The scabies mite is very small (0.4 mm), females burrow into the top layer of skin and lay eggs. The itch tends to be more severe at night and affects the trunk and limbs and rarely the head or scalp. Secondary infections are common due to scratching and the damage to the skin from the mite reducing the skin’s ability to prevent infections.

Note: other infections and conditions can cause similar symptoms; diagnosis and treatment for scabies must always be sought from a medical practitioner.


  • Diagnosis and treatment for scabies mite infections must always be sought from a medical practitioner.
  • Scabies is most likely to be caught through direct contact with the skin of an infected person. It is rare to catch the mite from bed linen, clothes or other surfaces; however, these should be washed and dried in a hot wash and dryer on high heat.
  • The use of NO Spiders Total Protection and NO Bugs Super Bug Bombs or NO Bugs Super Fumigator can help reduce the risk of contracting live scabies mite in rooms of affected patients.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • The scabies mite is also known as the itch mite and Sarcoptes scabie

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