Septoria are fungi that cause many leaf spot diseases of garden plants.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

Septoria fungi cause losses and disease in many crop and garden plants. They cause leaf spot and blotches.


  • Prune out infested shoots in winter. Where possible grow plants in areas with good ventilation and sunshine to prevent water from resting for long periods on the foliage.
  • On fruit and vegetables use Organic Super Sulphur.
  • To control leaf spot diseases on ornamentals use PLANThealth Buxus Blight Buster
  • Once infestation is under control you can use PLANThealth Spectrum as a preventative treatment to maintain a healthy plant.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Septoria are Ascomycete fungi that cause numerous leaf spot diseases on agricultural crops, forage and many garden vegetables.

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