Lawngard Prills

Insect and grub control for lawns and garden soils. Replaced with LawnPro Lawnguard Granules.

Benefits Benefits

  • DISCONTINUED - Replaced by New Improved LawnPro Protect and LawnPro Lawnguard Granules
  • Fast acting control of ants and soil dwelling insects.
  • For use on lawns and garden soils
  • Easy to apply prills (granules).
  • Lasts up to 3 months in soil.

Directions Directions

  1. Sprinkle evenly over required area e.g. on soil close to house as barrier to ants and other insect pests.
  2. Water in for a minimum of 2 hours by irrigation or moderate to heavy rain (at least 13 mm).
  3. Rate of Application for Best Results:
    - Grass Grub > 100 g per 15 m². Apply between February and May.
    - Porina Caterpillar > 100 g per 30 m². Apply when damage and holes are seen.
    - Slaters, earwigs > 100 g per 10 m². Use on garden beds and around buildings.
    - Wireworm > 100 g per 10 m². Sprinkle on affected soil.
    - Cluster Fly Larvae > 100 g per 30 m². Apply between November and March within 200 m of previously affected buildings.
    - Ants, Cockroaches (as barrier) > 100 g per 20 m². Apply 50 cm band on soil/gravel areas around buildings and water in. Use around outdoor ant nest sites.
  • Download your Kiwicare Lawn Maintenace Calendar
  • Healthy Lawns and Grasses Technical Sheet

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

50 g/kg Diazinon in the form of a granule.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Ready to Use Granules: 350 g, 600 g, 3 kg


Tips Tips

Best applied every 3 months. Lawngard Prills releases insecticide that is watered down into the soil where it acts as a 'curtain' barrier to ants and other insects that would burrow their way into homes and other buildings.

Caution Caution

Regulations Regulations

Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No P3351. (Discontinued)
HSNO Approval Code: HSR000176.
Lawngard Prills SDS


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