LawnPro Protect

Granules to control insects and grubs in lawns and soils.

Benefits Benefits

  • Curative - Lawns where porina or other soil insect damage is seen. Around the exterior of buildings to provide a barrier on the surface and deep in soil to insects such as ants that would move indoors via the surface or tunnelling.
  • Preventative – all lawn areas to be protected from grass grub and other insect damage.
  • Improves grass condition.
  • Contact insecticide – long lasting
  • The active ingredient washes off the granules and stays on surface and in the upper layer of soil.
  • Controls insect grubs when they move to the surface to feed.
  • Prevents soil insect pests by forming a protective barrier at the soil surface. Controls adult stages during egg laying and pupal emergence.

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Directions Directions

  1. Sprinkle evenly over area to be protected at a rate chosen from the table below.
  2. Water in for 1-2 hours by gentle sprinkler irrigation or moderate to heavy rain (at least 10 mm). You can measure the amount of water applied by setting a measuring cup, such as supplied on many Kiwicare products, in the area and waiting until it contains water to 10 mm.
  • Grass Grub - 100 g per 15 m2 - Use when grubs are feeding close to the surface (Best between Sept-May*). Can also be used any time of year as both protective and curative grass grub control.
  • Porina Caterpillar, Crane fly - 100 g per 30 m - Sprinkle evenly over lawn and water in.
  • Slaters, EarwigsCrickets - 100 g per 10 m- Use on garden beds and around buildings.
  • Wireworm - 100 g per 10 m2 -Sprinkle on affected soil.
  • Ants, Cockroaches (as barrier) - 100 g per 20 m2 - Apply 50 cm band on soil/gravel areas around buildings and water in. Use around outdoor ant nest sites.
  • Cluster Fly Larvae  - 100 g per 30 m2   - Sprinkle over turf within 200 m of previously affected buildings and water in (Nov–Mar).

*This season may vary in different years, Protect can be applied at any time of the year. See the Grass Grub page for more information.

Note: LawnPro Protect is not registered for use on vegetables or other crops.

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

0.4 g/kg Lambda-Cyhalothrin in the form of a granule

Available Sizes Available Sizes

  • 350 g, 600 g, 3 kg.

Tips Tips


For Best Control

Grass Grub

Apply between September and May*. Apply 100g per 15 m2

Porina Caterpillar

Apply when damage and holes are seen in lawn. Apply 100g per 30 m2

Slaters, Earwigs

Use on garden beds and around buildings. Apply 100g per 10m2


Sprinkle on affected soil. Apply 100g per 10m2

Cluster Fly Larvae

Apply between November-March within 200 m of previously affected buildings. Apply 100g per 30m2

Ants and Cockroaches (as barrier)

Apply a 50 cm band around buildings and around ant nest sites. 100g per 20 m2

*This season may vary in different years, see the Grass Grub page for more information

Lawn Care Guide Timetable

Caution Caution

  • To protect beneficial pollinating insects such as bees do not apply to lawns or turf containing flowers and do not apply to soils around plants in flower or likely to flower soon afterwards.
  • Keep domestic fowls off treated areas for 6 days.
  • Although Protect is safe to use where there are pets, we recommend keeping dogs and cats etc. off the lawn during application and until the product is watered in.

Regulations Regulations

  • LawnPro Protect is not registered with ACVM for use on crops or animal feedstuffs.
  • Approved pursuant to HSNO Act 1996. HSR101291
  • See for approval conditions.
  • LawnPro Protect SDS

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LawnPro Protect 3kg
We have always had a nice lawn, but this years Autumn/ winter for some unknown reason we lost all our grass rather quickly. thought it was due to the rain and lack of sunshine. Did some reading up on Lawns and came across KiwiCare Lawn remedies. Upon a closer look found small mounds of dirt and holes dug around found what looked like the small Porina caterpillar turned over a few sods of grass but couldn't find much in the way of grass grubs. I decided to get some LawnPro Protect and give it a go as good rain was forecast. The next morning i went out and WOW !! i could not believe my eyes it looked like a slaughter house, grass grubs, porina Caterpillars every where, unbelievable what came out. I would highly recommend this product, and will continue to rectify our damaged lawn with KiwiCare Products.
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