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LawnPro Protect

Garden Products , Lawn Products , Pest Products
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Granules to control insects and grubs in lawns and soils.

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Cicadas rarely do any damage to garden plants. On occasions they may cause dieback of susceptible young plants s…

Grass Grub

Grass grub is found throughout New Zealand and is considered on of our biggest lawn pest. Patchy areas of dead g…

Black Field Cricket

Black field crickets damage lawns by feeding on the growth centre of grasses. In large numbers they can severely…

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"We have always had a nice lawn, but this years Autumn/ winter for some unknown reason we lost all our grass rather quickly. thought it was due to the rain and lack of sunshine. Did some reading up on Lawns and came across KiwiCare Lawn remedies. Upon a closer look found small mounds of dirt and holes dug around found what looked like the small Porina caterpillar turned over a few sods of grass but couldn't find much in the way of grass grubs. I decided to get some LawnPro Protect and give it a go as good rain was forecast. The next morning i went out and WOW !! i could not believe my eyes it looked like a slaughter house, grass grubs, porina Caterpillars every where, unbelievable what came out. I would highly recommend this product, and will continue to rectify our damaged lawn with KiwiCare Products."


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