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NO Wasps Nest Killer Aerosol

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NO Wasps Nest Killer Spray allows destruction of wasp nests from a safe distance.

This also helps with...

Mason Wasp (Mason Bee)

The New Zealand Mason Wasp (sometimes called the Mason Bee) builds nests of clusters of mud cells or tubes.


Pest wasps are the introduced social wasps; the German, common wasps and Australia and asian paper wasps. Wasp n…

Paper Wasps

Pest paper wasps are the introduced social wasps; the Australian, Asian and European Paper Wasps. Paper wasp ne…

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From our customers...

"We found a German Ground wasp nest in our retaining wall and had about 5 paper wasps nests around the House. Went to mitre 10 and purchased the Powder for the ground nest and the Spray bottle for the Paper wasps. If anyone is doubting about how good both these products are please put your mind to rest. I pumped the ground nest about 5 times in the Ground nest just before dark, Got up at first light and went out again, No Activity but gave it another couple of pumps for good measure and the nest is no longer active. The spray bottle on the Paper wasp nest worked immediately. Both these products work so fast and effectively that i would recommend without hesitation to anyone wanting to get rid of Wasps. Thankyou Kiwi Care."


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