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Gardening Product of the Month

Posted in Garden Advice on March 16, 2020

October 2020

LawnPro Turfclean & Green Rapid+

For much of New Zealand the weather has been warm and dry. Many places are still in, or have experienced, drought. In such conditions our lawns have been stressed and without regular irrigation many have browned off. Often the only green remaining in the lawn are patches of weeds that are more able to tolerate the drought.

Autumn is likely to bring some more moisture and the lawns will hopefully recover to some degree. You can help get your lawn back into health by applying LawnPro Turfclean & Green Rapid+. This triple action product is easy to apply to lawns with its hose end application. The lawn weed killer, Turfclean, controls a broad range of broadleaf weeds, the Green is fertiliser to rapidly green up the lawn grass and promote vigorous new growth and promote the breakdown of the dead material (thatch), returning organic material and nutrients to the lawn soil.

LawnPro Turfclean & Green Rapid+ will be best applied when the lawn has had some rain and is recovering from the drought.

David Brittain

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