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How to Stop Birds Eating Grass Seed

Posted in Garden Advice on October 07, 2019

Prevent Birds Eating Grass Seed 

Grass seeds are a natural food for many birds such as sparrows, finches, blackbirds and starlings. Even though many grass seeds are coated with bird repellent, hungry birds can overcome the aversion to the bird repellent and feed on the seed.

These are some methods that can help prevent birds from feeding on the grass seed and ensure your newly sown grass has the chance to germinate.

  1. Always use seed that has bird repellent. LawnPro Smart Seed and other LawnPro products containing grass seed have bird repellent coatings. Although birds can overcome the aversion to repellents, they do reduce the amount of seed taken, if any.
  2. Provide other food for the birds. If you give the birds alternative food such as at bird feeders, they will prefer that to the repellent seed. It is best to site the alternative food well away from the lawn.
  3. Use visual and sound repellent devices. Bird scare tape fluttering from canes stuck in the lawn can be enough to deter birds for the 7-10 days needed to allow the seed to germinate. Alternatives include, plastic shopping bags or old CDs/DVDs hung from the canes. Fake predators and balloons are available that will deter birds for a week or two. Wind chimes and other noise-making devices may also have a deterrent effect for long enough for germination.
  4. Cover the seed with fine netting that allows light and water to get to the seed but excludes birds.

David Brittain

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