LawnPro Smart Lawn Seed

LawnPro Smart Lawn Seed with Aqua Gel Technology is guaranteed to grow!
Suitable for Full Sun, Shade, Patches and Worn Areas.

Benefits Benefits

The Smart Seed easy-to-use, built-in seed applicator is perfect for applying seeds and will allow greater accuracy and even distribution across a wider area. Simply tear back the side strip to reveal our built-in seed applicator.

  • Ideal for sunny or shady areas.
  • Great for fixing patches or sowing a completely new lawn.
  • A blend of durable seed varieties which will give you a lush green lawn.
  • Contains the perfect blend of gentle fertilisers and soil improver to give your new grass a great start.
  • It's the only seed you need!

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Directions Directions


New lawn:

  1. Firstly prepare the soil by clearing away any debris. Treat the area with Weed Weapon Extra Strength weed killer and dig out any perennial weeds.
  2. Once the soil is clear of weeds, prepare a seedbed: On a dry day, dig over the soil to a depth of 20-25 cm. Break down any lumps and tread the soil to firm it again. Level out any bumps or hollows using a rake, aiming to create a flat, even surface.
  3. The day before sowing, water thoroughly if the soil is dry and leave to soak in overnight.
  4. TIP – The top of the soil should be dry with moist soil just below the surface on the day of sowing.
  5. Existing lawn:
  6. Remove any weeds either by hand or by using LawnPro Turfclean.
  7. Once weeds are dead, mow the lawn closely before raking or scarifying to remove any moss and weed remains.
  8. If the ground appears hard or compacted, aerate using a garden fork and rake over to make sure the ground is level.
  9. Finally, spread soil to fill any shallow holes and level out the surface.


  1. Shake the box of seed thoroughly to mix up the seeds.
  2. Tear back the strip to expose the applicator holes and to sprinkle the seeds.
  3. Apply the seed at a rate of 40 g/m2 (30 g/m2 for lawn repairs). As a guide, one large handful is approximately 40 g.
  4. Sprinkling the seed in 2 passes at right angles to each other will help spread the seed more uniformly. Lightly rake to gently incorporate the seed into the surface.

After Sowing

  1. The ground should be rolled or lightly firmed by walking over it and pressing the seed into the soil.
  2. Water the lawn thoroughly using a fine-rosed watering can or a lawn sprinkler which produces a fine spray, taking care not to wash the seeds away.
  3. Grass can be cut for the first time when it is 5-8 cm high. A light trim will be sufficient initially. Gradually lower the cutting height to about 3 cm, which is ideal. Do not remove more than 1/3rd of the growth at any one time.
  4. After 10-12 weeks we recommend feeding your new lawn with LawnPro 7-Day-Green. Simply apply after mowing for visible greening in just 3 days. This will also, strengthen growth and sweeten the soil (raise the pH).


Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

  • Content: contains a blend of creeping red fescue and perennial turf ryegrass seed with seed starter fertilisers and soil conditioner..

Available Sizes Available Sizes

  • 1 kg and 1.6 kg ready to use shaker packs.
  • 4 kg spreader bag.

Tips Tips

For Best Results

  • When to sow:
    Lawn seed may be sown from September to June. However, for best results, sow in spring from September to October, and in early autumn from mid-March to mid-April.
    These recommendations should be adjusted to the warmer end of these periods for more southerly areas.
    If sowing a new lawn in very hot conditions the lawn should be watered late in the day once the sun has gone down. It is better to water thoroughly once rather than several times lightly.
  • Don't apply more seed per square metre than recommended on the pack. Applying higher rates causes the competition between the young grass and encourages disease due to damping off.
  • Alternating the direction of the mowing (e.g. north-south then east-west) encourages the lawn to thicken.
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and use within season of purchase.
  • Healthy Lawns and Grasses Technical Sheet
  • Download your Kiwicare Lawn Maintenance Calendar
  • Glossary of Gardening Terms
  • Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Care Guide Timetable

Caution Caution

Regulations Regulations

HSNO Approval Code: HSR002571.
LawnPro Smart Lawn Seed SDS


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Your aqua seed is an awesome product. Great results. One of your reps told me about it at mitre10 ruakura, heaps of knowledge :)
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