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How to Thicken Your Lawn

Posted in Garden Advice on August 08, 2023

How to Get a Thick Luscious Lawn 

Everyone wants a gloriously thick and luxurious lawn that feels great between the toes. The problem is, most people don't really know how to achieve this. That's where Kiwicare comes in, as NZ's lawn and garden experts we've created a step-by-step guide on how to thicken your lawn in just 5 easy steps. This guide is especially designed for New Zealand lawns, so you can rest assured that it takes into account the local conditions that you're up against. 


Pick the right time to work on your lawn

If you want a lawn so thick that you can mow stripes into it, spring and autumn are the perfect time to time to weed, feed,  and over-seed your lawn as the weather conditions are ideal. Over-seeding is the process of adding new lawn seed to your existing lawn, to help thicken it up.


Here are 5 easy steps to a thick, weed-free lawn:


Step 1 - Remove weeds, moss and debris

To get a lush lawn, you need to remove weeds, moss and other debris like stones and leaves from it first. The best way to go about removing the weeds is to use a selective herbicide that kills the weeds to the root, but doesn't harm your lawn. Kiwicare's LawnPro has wide range of options from general lawn weed killers like LawnPro Turfclean Ultra, to more specialist solutions likeLawnPro Prickle & Hydrocotlyle that gets rid of prickly lawn weeds and Mossclear that gets rid of moss in your lawn and kills it's spores. Whichever selective herbicide/weed killer you use make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. The packaging will also tell you how long you need to wait after applying it before you can plant new lawn seed. If you have a new lawn less than 2 to 3 months old, it's best not to apply any weed killing products to it, as it will burn new grass. 

NOTE: You must use a selective lawn weed killer. If you use a general weed killing product (not specified for lawns), you will kill both the weeds and your grass.


Step 2 - Mow lawn closely and rake

Before you can over-seed your lawn (add new lawn seed to the existing lawn), you need to prep the area so that the conditions are optimised to encourage the seed to germinate and grow. This means removing excess lawn length, so that newly added seeds can make contact with the soil needed to germinate. To do this mow the lawn closely (1 notch lower on your mower than normal), making sure you mow the whole area that you want add new lawn seed to.

Then rake the surface of your lawn to remove any thatch (dead grass, moss or lawn clippings) so that seeds can make easier contact with soil. 


Step 3 - Aerate your lawn and add soil

If the soil is hard or compacted, aerate it using a garden fork. This will help water, air and nutrients penetrate the soil to improve root development, resulting in a thicker lawn.

Spread loose soil to fill any shallow holes and to level out the surface. This will also give the seed the best possible start as they have better access to soil and when the rains hit, there won't be lingering puddles that suffocate your lawn. 


Step 4 - Sowing your lawn seed

Now the area is ready to sow/plant the new additional lawn seed. Shake the Kiwicare LawnPro Lawn Thickener a mix of lawn seed and fertilizer, or Smart Lawn Seed a coated lawn seed that's guaranteed to grow, to mix up the product.

When sowing the aim is to achieve even coverage or you'll end up with a patchy lawn. To do this apply the product in 2 phases. Check the packaging instructions for the recommended rate of application. Apply half the recommended amount to your lawn by sweeping from left to right across your garden, paying special attention to the borders. Then apply the second half by moving from the front of your garden to the back. 

Once this process is finished, lightly rake the surface to ensure all the seed reaches the soil surface.

Water thoroughly to start off germination. Use a fine-spray watering can or sprinkler with a gentle flow, taking care not to wash the seeds away or create puddles. 


Step 5 - Taking care of your new lawn

Water daily until the seed is established, this usually this takes 1-2 weeks. In very hot conditions, water late in the day once the sun has gone down. It is better to water thoroughly once, rather than several times lightly. 
Mow for the first time with the highest setting when the grass is 5-8 cm tall. Make sure the grass is dry before mowing or you risk damaging and uprooting it. Then treat every spring and autumn with fertilisers likeLawnPro Natural Boost or LawnPro Green & Growto encourage growth, improve blade strength and overall lawn and soil health. In addition to fertilising your lawn, it’s important to maintain a consistent weed control programme. Regular treatment of your lawn will help save time and effort in the long run, as weeds will be treated before turning to seed and spreading out of control. 


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