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What to Do On a Wet Weekend

Posted in Garden Advice on July 31, 2017

Wet Weekend? 

If it is a wet weekend (or weekday) and you are frustrated that you can’t do the work in the garden you had planned, there are still some things you can do to keep your green fingers green.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Planning – A wet day is a good time to do some garden planning. Plan a re-development of a section of your garden; draw up some sketches of the area and think about what plants you will want to plant and where. Do some online research on suitable plants, considering, the conditions, size, shape, colours etc. Make your list so that you take it to your garden centre or nursery. Make a list of any other things you need for the garden; fertiliser, compost, stakes, plant protectants, weed killer, tools………etc.
  • Go Shopping – If you’ve made a list of what you need for your garden, a rainy day is a great time to go to your local store to get what you need. The stores tend to be quiet on wet days and the staff will be happy to see you.
  • Work on Your Indoor House Plants – Your indoor plants need attention too. Think about re-potting plants that have outgrown their current pots. Check their watering levels and give the foliage a mist. Give your house-plants some fertiliser. Prune out dead leaves. Shine the leaves by wiping them with a clean soft cloth dabbed with a little milk. Swap plants around; move plants that have been in dark parts of the house to brighter places. More on the care of indoor house-plants.
  • Potting Up – Whether you have a potting shed, glasshouse, garage or just the kitchen sink you should be able to pot-up seeds, seedlings and cuttings. Pot-up pots and hanging baskets.
  • Plant Trees and Shrubs – If the rain is not too cold or unpleasant to work in, then, when it is raining is a great time to plant trees and shrubs as it reduces shock to roots. But do still water the holes you dig before planting; it takes a lot of rain to soak down as deep as your tree or shrub roots. More on planting trees and shrubs.
  • Apply LawnPro – If your lawn is suffering from grass grub, Porina caterpillar or other soil-dwelling pests you could apply LawnPro Protect. Protect Granules need watering in and rain is the best way to do this. It would be best to apply the granules just before the rain, so you don’t get wet, but they can be applied in the rain.
  • Improve Lawn Drainage - If puddles are forming on your lawn or flowerbeds this is a good time to get out and fork the areas to improve the drainage. More on soggy soil and puddles on the lawn.
  • Clean and Maintain Gardening Tools - Keep your gardening tools clean and well maintained. In particular, pruning equipment should be kept clean to prevent the spread of disease. Clean with washing-up detergent and warm water, then dry thoroughly and oil if necessary. It would also be a good time to sharpen any cutting implements.
  • Curl Up in Front of a Fire and Keep Warm – There are wet days when it is nice to just sit down in front of a fire and read a gardening book or magazine while watching the rainfall. Remember, your plants need the rain (if it’s not too much).

David Brittain

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