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How to Clean Your Car in 10 Minutes

Posted in Cleaning Advice on May 29, 2019

Cleaning Your Car is Easy with SORTED 

What You Will Need

  • A hose that reaches around your vehicle and is fitted with a universal hose connector.
  • SORTED Dirt & Grime.
  • A long soft Car cleaning brush or a sponge.

How to Clean Your Car

  1. Connect the hose to the SORTED Dirt & Grime hose-end sprayer (See Video - How to Use the Kiwicare Hose End Sprayer). Check the hose end sprayer is at OFF.
  2. Turn the hose tap on.
  3. Pull the hose to reach the furthest part of the vehicle.
  4. Aim the hose end sprayer at the vehicle and turn the hose end sprayer tap to ON. Note, you need to push the tab to the side.
  5. Hose the vehicle with the foamy solution of SORTED Dirt & Grime to cover all surfaces.
  6. Turn the hose-end sprayer to OFF.
  7. Wipe or brush all surfaces of the vehicle with your brush or sponge. Do not let the surfaces dry.
  8. Turn the hose-end sprayer to WATER and rinse the vehicle, starting on the roof and working down to the wheels.
  9. Good quality water can be left to run off and dry. But if you have mineralised water you should brush or sponge it off the vehicle having rinsed the brush or sponge thoroughly.

I follow this procedure on my SUV each weekend and it does not take me as long as 10 minutes.

SORTED Dirt & Grime is safe to use on vehicle paint and is formulated to lift and loosen particulate dirt that is picked up by vehicles in normal use. The 2 L SORTED Dirt & Grime will clean a large vehicle 10-20 times.

David Brittain

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