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Get Your Vehicles Ready for Winter

Posted in Cleaning Advice on March 20, 2015

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter 

There may still be a few warmer days when you will be able to enjoy the use of your boat, caravan or campervan. As we head deeper into winter when the vehicle will be put away, covered up or left in the driveway for several months, waiting for the new spring warmth and your next trip, it is wise to prepare it for the cool damp conditions to come.

If it is left as you pulled it out of the water, or returned from the last camping trip, when you go to use it in spring it may be covered in algal and fungal growth that will take hard work to remove. Here are a few tips for preparing your vehicle (and/or trailer) so that it stays in pristine condition and ready for that first trip in spring.

Clean the Vehicle

Apply Kiwicare SORTED Dirt & Grime to the vehicle. For easy application, these products simply click onto the end of a hose, meaning no diluting or carrying buckets. The hose-end sprayer has ‘On’,’ Off’ and ‘Water only’ controls; meaning no going back and forth to the tap and no waste.

Do not let the product dry before wiping or rinsing off. Apply the cleaner and then wipe with a soft vehicle brush or sponge before it dries. Then rinse off with plenty of water. Clean the whole vehicle or clean in sections depending on conditions and how fast the cleaner is drying.

SORTED Dirt & Grime will remove salts, dust, grime, bugs, bird droppings, mud, etc. to leave clean surfaces ready for algae and mould prevention.

Inhibit Algae and Mould

Apply SORTED Moss & Mould to the vehicle. This is also a hose-end application product.

To a dry vehicle apply a light coat of SORTED Moss & Mould to all* parts of the vehicle and/or trailer. Leave to dry. Do not rinse off.

This will protect the vehicle and/or trailer from the growth of algae , slime, moulds , moss , lichen and bacteria through the winter months.

Spring Cleaning

There may be some dust and grime accumulation during the winter months. A quick clean withSORTED Dirt & Grime will have it clean and ready for use as soon as a suitable day arrives.

We advise caution on the application of SORTED Moss & Mould to waterproof fabrics and polished vehicle paint. This formula may remove waterproof coatings on fabrics or affect polished surfaces after repeated use.  Applying once a season and thoroughly rinsing off each time is okay.

David Brittain

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