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Auckland Cockroaches

Posted in Pest Advice on March 02, 2016

Auckland Cockroaches 

Recent news items have focused on an Auckland couple's battle against American cockroaches. They used Kiwicare NO Cockroaches Traps to catch thousands of cockroaches over a few days. The traps worked well but as described by the Kiwicare 1-2-3 Cockroach Control Programme they are only part of what needs to be done to effectively control cockroaches. They counted the cockroaches caught each night and eventually decided to call in a professional pest control operator. They could have done the work themselves using Kiwicare's range of cockroach control products and following the 1-2-3 Control Programme.

If you are suffering from a similar infestation of cockroaches take a look at the cockroach page on this site or contact Kiwicare for advice on getting rid of cockroaches.

Watch the TVNZ Seven Sharp piece on the Auckland couple's battle with cockroaches.

David Brittain

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