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Trapped Cockroaches Attract Cockroaches

Posted in Pest Advice on February 18, 2019

Gregarious Cockroaches 

A customer called me recently with feedback that he had put out a NO Cockroach Trap in a room and that it had only caught 2 cockroaches by day 2, although he had seen several cockroaches in the room. I advised him to leave the trap in situ for another couple of days and to let me know how it was working. I explained that once the trap has caught some roaches it becomes more attractive to others.

The happy customer emailed me a couple of days later with the photo above. I recommend patience and only changing the traps when there is no more space for cockroaches to contact the sticky surface.

The customer is now going to complete the 1-2-3 Cockroach Control Programme.

David Brittain

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