NO Cockroach Traps

Effective for control and monitoring, giving early warning of infestation.

Benefits Benefits

  • Controls and monitors cockroaches, stored product insects and crickets
  • Effective for control and monitoring, giving early warning of infestation
  • No chemical insecticide
  • Safe for use in kitchens and larders
  • Environmentally friendly - BioGro Certified for organics

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Directions Directions

  1. Open trap and peel paper cover from glue surface.
  2. Open a foil sachet containing a perforated plastic bait pouch/sachet.
  3. Place the unopened bait pouch in the centre of the glue board, perferations uppermost.
  4. Fold the two sides of the lid over the trap and insert tab on one side into a slot on the other side.
  5. Place the trap in a suitable place where cockroaches are or might be a problem. i.e. side of fridge, pantry, laundry, etc.
  6. Check traps regularly.

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

Non toxic bait pellets.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Box of 3 traps.

Tips Tips

These traps, and other products in the Kiwicare non-toxic trap range, are excellent monitoring tools, giving warning of any new infestations so that pro-active treatment can be carried out.

Once the trap has caught some roaches it becomes more attractive to others. We recommend patience and only changing the traps when there is no more space for cockroaches to contact the sticky surface.

Use in conjunction with:

Caution Caution

Regulations Regulations

NZFSA Approved Cockroach Trap Maintenance Compound (non-dairy) Type D-1
BioGro Certified for use in organic Facility Management
BioGro Certificate
HSNO Approval Code: N/A
NO Cockroach Traps SDS

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Crickets in NO Cockroach Traps
Hi. On most occasions when I email a company, it's to complain about some shortfall in their product; but I am delighted to, instead, write one of congratulation. My patio and pots were infested with crickets and somehow they were finding their way indoors and I would see them running across the carpet each evening: and the noise!!! I got fed up and as I had a couple of your cockroach traps in the cupboard i decided to try one on the crickets. I think the attached photo speaks for itself. I set it once overnight in one area and moved it to another hot spot during the next day. Not a chirrup did I hear last night. Your product is awesome.
Cockroaches In Kiwicare NO Cockroach Trap2
Just to let you know how fantastic your" NO cockroaches traps" are. These traps last us for about 3 months or until they are really FULL.
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