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Have a Bug Free Summer with NO Bugs Super

Posted in Pest Advice on September 07, 2017

Summer Bug Control 

Summer may be the best time of year, but it has one particularly pesky downside: bugs. From cockroaches, ants and spiders to flies, mosquitoes and fleas, creepy crawlies in your home can drive you to distraction and leave you itching for a cure.

NO Bugs Super and NO Bugs Indoor could be the answer. Surface treatment with NO Bugs Super outdoors and NO Bugs Indoor gives long-term control of bugs, with one treatment lasting up to six months! Simply spray it around doorways and windows, skirting, kick-boards and floor surfaces where insects can be seen crawling or landing.

The professional strength formula provides the same level of pest protection as you might expect from a professional pest control company – but at a fraction of the cost.

NO Bugs Super does not stain or smell. Once dried, sprayed surfaces are safe for family and pets to touch but will kill bugs on contact, making it the perfect product to use around the home. Because the insecticide is limited to the treated surfaces there is no insecticide in the air for people, pets or others to inhale.

Where to apply NO BUGS SUPER and NO BUGS INDOOR:

Think about the pest/s you want to control. Where do they live and what surfaces do they contact? These are the surfaces you want to treat. For example:

  • For control of spiders and their webs, spray NO Bugs Super on webs and in hiding places on outdoor furniture, fences, clotheslines, downpipes and eaves. Brush down webs 2-3 days later using a dry brush.
  • Use a ring of NO Bugs Super around your house in a 1 metre wide band at the base of walls, vents, doorways and other entry points to help keep out crawling pests such as ants, cockroaches, slaters and spiders.
  • To control flies, spray surfaces flies are likely to land such as window sills, ceilings and walls.


  • If the surfaces to be treated are dirty or greasy clean them with mild detergent and leave to dry thoroughly.
  • For exterior spraying choose a still dry day when rain is not imminent.
  • Using a fine spray and a steady motion spray the surfaces to give even coverage. Do not overspray; the spray should not run down surfaces.
  • If the spray beads on the surface let it dry and then give a second spray. Two light sprays is better than one heavy spray.
  • When spraying around windows avoid over-spraying on the glass.  It is easier to clean spray off windows before it has dried. Tip: A sponge can be a useful way of applying spray solution to window frames and sills without getting the product on the glass.

NO Bugs Super will remain effective for up to 6 months. The length of time the spray will remain active is governed by the exposure to UV light, rain, grease and dirt accumulating on the surfaces and how often the surfaces are cleaned down.

So relax and enjoy your bug-free summer.


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