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Rodent Graveyard

Posted in Pest Advice on June 01, 2018

Where Do Rodents Go to Die?

I am often asked by worried enquirers "where will the rats and mice killed with poisons go to die?" The worry is they "don't want a bad smell from dead rodents in the house".

Almost all rodenticides are anti-coagulants. An often perpetuated 'old wives’ tale' is that anti-coagulant poisons make the rats and mice thirsty and they go outside in search of water and die there. There is a little truth in this, there is a slightly increased likelihood of the rodents dying outside, but in most cases, they will go to their nest and die there. Often the nest is inside but it will be well out of the way and unlikely to be found.

However, even if the rats or mice die inside there is little likelihood of a bad smell. Bad smells are only a problem if the rodent dies somewhere very warm and un-ventilated. In 99% of cases, there is not a problem. In order to prevent bad smells in the house, it is more important to deal with the infestation as the pests will be dying of natural causes and there is a higher chance of a bad smell. Rodenticide baits are the most efficient and effective way to deal with rat and mouse infestations.

I suggest to worried enquirers that they use traps in conjunction with rodenticides. When a rat or mouse is being affected by the poison, it is more likely to be caught in a trap and then the body and the risk of bad odours can be removed.

Once the infestation is eradicated then I suggest paying attention to proofing the house to prevent further infestation. You can get more information on how to prevent rats and mice getting in here.

See also How to Prevent Bad Smells from Rodents and Other Animals.

David Brittain

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