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Stop Rodents Getting Into Your Home

Posted in Pest Advice on April 07, 2022

The first line of defence against rodents is proofing; stopping the rats or mice getting in. 

How to Stop Rats and Mice Getting Inside 

  1. Prevent the rats or mice getting in. A mouse can squeeze beneath a door if there is a gap large enough to fit a pencil and a young rat is only a little larger than a mouse! Draft excluding brush strips are an ideal method of proofing such gaps. However, there are almost always other possible entry points around any building.
  2. Seal gaps around pipes and cable where they enter buildings or go from one room to another. Pipes and cable often act as rodent highways.
  3. Prune climbing plants and overhanging trees well away from roofs as these act as 'ladders' for rodents. Check eaves for entry points to the roof voids. If possible seal these.
  4. Keep fresh rodenticide bait in place in safe places such as the roof void so that any rodents that get in are dealt with before you know about them.
  5. Clear a wide area around a building, this will deter rodents from reaching and entering the building. Rodents are what we would call agoraphobic; they fear open spaces and like to be undercover.
  6. Remove available food and shelter from within a building as this can have a powerful deterrent effect. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of controlling pests.
  7. Use Kiwicare rodenticide baits. This is the most efficient and effective way to get rid of them if you have seen rats or mice, or evidence of them around your property. sometimes use bait in conjunction with simple traps.

8    Traps. Snap traps are useful to use where poison baits cannot be placed or as a helpful way of catching rodents that are 'dopey' from taking the bait. The rodents can then be removed without risk of causing an unpleasant smell. For more information on the effective use of traps for controlling rats and mice see the article on Using Traps to Catch Rats and Mice.

David Brittain

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