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Help Save our Native Birds by Making New Zealand Rodent and Predator Free

Posted in Predator Free 2050 on March 13, 2023

Getting rid of rodents on your property can help save our birds

Every year in New Zealand around 25 million native birds are killed by introduced predators like rats and mice and possums. It’s a tragic and alarming statistic. The songs of native birds are one of the most iconic aspects of New Zealand nature, and our country wouldn’t be the same without them. Fortunately, it’s not too late and if we all play our part our birds can be saved, with the added bonus of eliminating rats and mice from your home and garden!

The impact of predators

Many of our native birds are threatened, and if we don’t act, some may be lost forever, along with their beautiful bird songs. And that’s why predator control is so important.

How can you help save our birds?

Although a nationwide problem, tackling it can begin in your very own backyard. Because protecting your backyard protects our wider backyard too.

To get started have a read of our easy 1-2-3 step rodent control programme, it provides you with all the information you need to effectively eliminate rats and mice from your backyard.  It provides useful tips and information and also walks you through the process of searching for rodent activity, removing food sources and then trapping/baiting rats and mice as well as the clean up once they’re gone.

Rodent control products

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