Wilding Conifers

Wilding conifer is the New Zealand term for introduced conifers that are spreading across the landscape; self-sown and unwanted.

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Most wilding conifers are one of the species listed here. They include Radiata pine and Douglas fur.

In native forests, wilding conifers compete for space with native trees and plants and don't provide the advantages that native trees do, such as food for native birds or insects. Their needles form an acidic carpet which discourages regeneration of native forest floor species. They can be visually intrusive in native forest areas.


Did You Know Did You Know

  • Wilding conifers are the number one weed of the Dirty Dozen in New Zealand's War on Weeds.
  • Wilding conifers include cedars, pines, firs, cypress, larches, and spruces.

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