NO Bed Bugs Total Solution Box

The complete solution for a bed bug infestation.

Benefits Benefits

  • Contains: NO Bugs Super fumigator and NO Bed Bugs concentrate.
  • The complete solution for a bed bug infestation.
  • Kills bed bugs at time of fumigation.
  • Breaks the breeding cycle.
  • One spray gives up to 6 months protection.

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Directions Directions

  1. Examine - Control of bed bugs requires very thorough examination and treatment of all the possible places where they might hide. Bed Bugs leave tell-tale blackened smears of blood which look like ticks made with a black pen. Spots of blood from the end of their proboscis may contact sheets after they finish feeding. This blood tends to show up on the woven sheets as small crosses of blood as the blood runs along the threads of the weft and the weave.
  • Check around seams of mattresses, bed base, bed heads, curtains and other furniture.
  • Check around the edges of carpets, behind skirting, edges of wallpaper and picture frames and in all other crevices within the room and adjacent rooms.
  • Electrical sockets are common places for bed bugs to infest. Ensure power is switched off at mains when sockets are open.
  • Check sub floors and roof voids above and below affected areas.
  • Check rooms as above in all rooms adjacent to where evidence of bed bugs are found.
  • Clear - Carefully collect all bedding from the affected rooms.
  • Place bedding in a plastic bag for transport to your washing machine, being careful to make sure no insects are dropped on the way.
  • If possible wash the clothes in a 'hot wash'. Clothing and bedding that cannot be washed in a hot wash can be bagged and placed in a freezer at -18°C for at least 24 hours.
  • Dismantle the bed and other furniture. Open cupboards and drawers and lean the bed mattress and bed base upright against a wall to improve exposure to the spray and vapour.
  • Spray - Make up NO Bed Bugs spray with the concentrate using clean water in a clean sprayer.
  • Spray all areas where signs of infestation are found and all cracks, crevices and seams. This product contains a residual insecticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR) which will make females lay sterile eggs and help prevent young Bed Bugs reaching maturity.
  • Spray adjacent rooms even if no evidence of bed bugs has been found there.
  • Vacate the room/s and allow spray to dry for several hours.
  1. Fumigate - Return to the room/s and release the NO Bugs Super Fumigator.
  • Follow the directions on the side of the fumigator. The fumigant produced will kill adult bed bugs and penetrate into areas that cannot be treated directly. It will also flush the bed bugs out of hiding places so that they come in contact with sprayed surfaces.
  • Keep room/s sealed for as long as possible, up to 24 hours.
  • Before re-occupying the room/s open door s and windows and let ventilate for at least 30 mins. If the Bed Bug infestation has become well established it may be necessary to repeat this treatment.

Note: You cannot be too thorough.

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

NO Bed Bugs Concentrate: 100 g/L Permethrin, 3 g/L Pyriproxyfen in the form of a liquid concentrate.

NO Bugs Super Fumigator: 72g /kg Cyphenothrin in the form of a vapour.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Pack: 1x NO Bugs Super Fumigator 20 g, 1 x 100 ml NO Bed Bugs Concentrate

Tips Tips

Caution Caution

Regulations Regulations

NO Bed Bugs Concentrate
HSNO Approval Code:
NO Bed Bugs Box Spray Concentrate - SDS

NO Bugs Borafume
HSNO Approval Code:
NO Bed Bugs Box Fumigator - SDS


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No more scratching for me.
Adrienne, Auckland
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