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Plant Health Buxus Blight Buster

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Buxus (box) hedging is often affected by a dieback disease known as Buxus blight. Buxus Blight Buster helps control this disease and others on Buxus, shrubs, ornaments and roses. DISCONTINUED - Replaced by new Buxus Blight Buster thiram liquid.

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From our customers...

"Last year my 15 metre box hedge started looking sick. It spread rapidly and not wanting to loose it, I found your box blight product. I am so pleased with the result! I am still applying it monthly but will stop over winter. Thank you for making this product available. I previously had 12 box balls that were 15 years old and they got it and I had to dispose of them all so I am very grateful I could save my box hedge! "


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