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Can I Mix Products Together to Save Time and Effort Spraying?

Posted in Garden Advice on July 06, 2017

Mixing Pesticides 

A common question is the like of “I am going to spray my fruit trees with fungicide and insecticide can I mix the two products together?”. Being able to mix two products together in one spray can save time and effort, but is it a good thing?

The answer is that Kiwicare does not advise mixing products together in one spray mix unless there is a specific recommendation to do so*. This advice has several reasons:

  1. Kiwicare products are formulated to work best as directed on the label; everything that is needed for the best results is in the formulated product.
  2. Products are almost always more effective when applied at separate times.
    1. E.g. Organic Super Sulphur is best applied at least 14 days after Organic Super Spraying Oil for control of insect pests and diseases on dormant trees and roses.
  3. The two (or more) products may not be compatible with each other and one may negatively affect the performance of the other.
    1. E.g. LawnPro Mossclear for control of diseases such as red thread in lawns. Use the Thiram first and then a week or two later use the Mossclear.
  4. Adding two products together in one spray mix could negatively affect the plants they are applied to.
    1. E.g. Mixing sulphur with spraying oils can burn plants.
  5. For your convenience, some Kiwicare products combine different actions and have been formulated so that they do work together.
    1. E.g. PLANThealth Spectrum is combination fungicide and insecticide, Weed Weapon Long Term combines post and pre-emergent weed killers so that you only need to spray paths, driveways and other non-cultivated areas once or twice a year.

If you have any questions about mixing or using Kiwicare products together or with other products please contact us for advice.

*Kiwicare Dye & Stick is an additive that is formulated by Kiwicare to improve the sticking of herbicides to the leaves of water repellent and waxy leaves of some weeds and to show where the spray has been applied so that waste is reduced and even coverage of weeds is achieved.

David Brittain

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