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Spring Clean Your Garden

Posted in Garden Advice on September 21, 2017

Tidy Up Your Garden in Spring 

This is the time to get into the garden and prepare it for the new season. Many plants such as roses, camellias, fruit trees etc. are vulnerable to fungal diseases as their sap begins to rise again. It is important to clean up and get rid of material that could be harbouring disease and fungal spores.

Look forward to Spring and Summer in your garden. Be prepared by putting a little effort in now.


Clean up dead leaves and twigs which could harbour disease.

Remove moss, mould and slime from paths, drives, fences walls and the bark of trees with LawnPro Mossclear and SORTED Moss & Mould.

Paint, stain and seal fences, trellis and walls while climbing plants are dormant.

Weeds emerging from areas where planting is to be done now or later in the season can be sprayed with Weed Weapon.


Spring is also a good time to make sure your garden equipment is working and clean. So check the lawnmower, get it serviced, sharpen blades and check oil levels. Clean, sharpen and oil secateurs, clippers and other cutting implements. Even cleaning forks and spades will help remove any disease spores that may have over-wintered.


As lawns begin to grow the broadleaved weeds can be controlled by the use of LawnPro selective weed killers such as LawnPro Turfclean, LawnPro Turfclean Ultra and LawnPro Prickle and Hydrocotyle. Or you can use the combination weeding and feeding products; LawnPro All-in-1, Turfclean & Green or Turfclean & Green Rapid+.

Moss in lawns should be treated with LawnPro Mossclear and then the dead moss scarified (raked out).

Re-balance an excessive thatch layer in the lawn with LawnPro D-Thatch.


Condition and prepare flowerbeds containing established plants, shrubs and trees by digging over, adding organic material and fertiliser and then useWeed Weapon Preventer for long term prevention of germination of weed seeds and bulbs.


Spray with Weed Weapon Long Term to kill emerging weed and prevent germination of seeds.


Flowers and fruit are produced on the new growth of the previous summer. Prune hard to encourage new growth to prevent fruit being produced too far out along branches. But don’t remove too many flower buds or the current season’s crop will be reduced. Flower buds are round and plump while growth buds are flat.


Carry out a similar tidy up of plum trees but take care not to over prune as this will promote vigorous growth at the expense of fruit production.


Consider pruning to give the tree a good shape where the tree gets good light throughout and fruit is evenly distributed and easily collected.

Remove excess or weak twiggy growth.

Apples, pears and cherries grow on spurs (short stubby growths coming from main branches) and these will continue to produce fruit for several years.

Spray the trees with a preventative fungicide such as Organic Super Sulphur.


Pruning your roses if you haven't done it yet it is worth getting it done now. Learn How.

David Brittain

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