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Saflufenacil - How It Makes Weed Weapon the Best Herbicide

Posted in Garden Advice on August 12, 2016


Saflufenacil is a herbicide of the pyrimidinedione chemical class. It has a mode of action similar to inhibitors of protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase (PPO). This means that it interrupts the chemical pathway for the production of chlorophyll in plants. In so doing it causes a build-up of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in plant tissues. This damages the tissues and causes rupturing of cells.

Weed Weapon Extra Strength and Weed Weapon Long Term

The effects of saflufenacil are fast. The effects of saflufenacil are seen in most weeds within two days. The faster a weed is photosynthesising the more chlorophyll it tries to produce and the faster the build-up of lethal hydrogen peroxide in tissues. So for weeds in high light and warmth effects are often seen within hours.

Kiwicare has found that when used in combination with glyphosate there is a synergism between the two actives and the combined effect is greater than the sum of their separate effects. It is thought that the rapid damage to plant tissues causes greater uptake of glyphosate and the plant in withdrawing nutrients from damaged areas increases the flow of glyphosate to other parts of the plant including roots.

The results of combining saflufenacil with glyphosate compared to glyphosate alone are shown in the table below:

 Weed Weapon Extra Strength Glyphosate + Saflufenacil vs Glyphosate only
  1. A broader range of weeds controlled.
  2. Controls weeds that are glyphosate tolerant.
  3. Fast action. Effects of saflufenacil are seen within 2 days or less.
Resistance Prevention
  1. Glyphosate resistant weeds are starting to appear in NZ.
  2. The international Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) says the 1st principle of resistance management is:
    Use multiple herbicide sites-of-action with overlapping weed spectrums in mixtures.
  3. Weed Weapon is such a mixture.
  1. Less herbicide is required for complete control as fewer applications are required.
  1. Glyphosate has many benefits in terms of its efficacy and a low risk to the environment. Saflufencil is added to Weed Weapon at a very low level and adds little to the environmental risk.
  2. The improved efficacy and reduced need for follow up treatments reduce the overall level of herbicide use and risk to the environment.


Weed Weapon Rapid Action RTU

Weed Weapon Rapid Action ready to use product combines the activity of Weed Weapon Extra Strength concentrate with fatty acids that further enhance the uptake of active through chemical disruption of the weed waxy cuticles and exterior cell walls. This further speeds up the initial effects with weeds showing effects within 7 hours and often within one hour in warm sunny conditions. Sufficient glyphosate and saflufenacil is still transported to roots to ensure complete weed death.

David Brittain

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