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Stop Onehunga Prickles in Your Lawn

Posted in Garden Advice on September 19, 2017

Get Rid of Onehunga Prickle Weed in Lawns in Spring 

Spring is the time to control the Onehunga prickle weed before it flowers and produces its prickly seeds.

Onehunga Prickle Weed is low growing and usually grows below mower height so that mowing rarely gets rid of the flowers and prickles. Controlling Onehunga using herbicide in Summer may kill the plants but the prickly seeds remain. It is therefore important to treat the lawn and turf with Kiwicare LawnPro Prickle and Hydrocotyle or LawnPro Turfclean Ultra in Spring before the weed flowers and produces the seeds. LawnPro Prickle and Hydrocotyle and LawnPro Turfclean Ultra will also get rid of other prickly weeds such as thistles.

Onehunga weed has finely divided leaves, and it may get mistaken for several other weeds found in lawns and recreational turf. One of these is yarrow, but yarrow is a perennial weed which has a creeping rhizome root system, whereas Onehunga weed has a fairly shallow fibrous root system.

David Brittain

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