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Why are My Houseplant Leaf Tips Turning Brown?

Posted in Houseplant Advice on May 04, 2021

Brown Leaf Tips 

Are your houseplants’ leaves going brown at the tips or edges? If so, this is likely to be because the air in your house or office is too dry for the plants and they are stressed. Our air-conditioned and heated homes and offices make the air dry and most houseplants are from regions of the world where humidity is high.

To prevent your houseplant leaves turning brown at the tips here are some tips:

  • Water your houseplants as soon as the potting mix becomes dry. The Gro-Sure Houseplant Watering Indicator takes all the guesswork out of when to water.
  • Mist your houseplants regularly. The Gro-Sure Houseplant Mist ‘n’ Feed gives your plants a foliar feed and raises the humidity around the leaves.
  • Occasionally give your houseplants a shower of rain. Your houseplants will love you for a trip outside when it is raining. This will water them, freshen and wash the leaves.
  • Re-pot your houseplants. Constricted roots can mean the plant is stressed because it is unable to uptake the water efficiently. Use Gro-Sure Houseplant Potting Mix with Seramis® water retention granules for best results.
  • Remove the leaves with browned off tips or edges. This will remove the unsightly leaves and encourage fresh new growth. You can help new growth by giving the houseplants a feed with Gro-Sure Houseplant Pump ‘n’ Feed and/or Houseplant Droplet Feeder.

Find all Kiwicare Gro-Sure products to find the best product for your plants.  See here for more advice on care for indoor plants.

David Brittain

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