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Cluster Flies Cause Consternation

Posted in Pest Advice on March 25, 2019

Swarms of Cluster Flies 

The peak period of cluster fly influx is usually April and they are found in many parts of rural New Zealand.

Cluster flies are a member of the blowfly family and their larvae are parasites of earthworms. So, they originate from lawns and turf areas where earthworms would be abundant. In autumn the last emergence of adult flies seek dry, dark, warm places to survive the winter. Roof voids, sheds, gaps around ill-fitting windows and other such places frequently provide ideal overwintering conditions. The, often dopey, flies congregate in masses, attracted to each other by a smell/pheromone that they release. Many thousands of flies can infest a home or other building. The flies will ‘wake up’ and become active on warm days and they will find their way into the living parts of houses where the mass of buzzing flies often cause considerable consternation.

You can stop cluster flies clustering in your property by:

  1. In late summer to early autumn treat grass areas close to buildings with LawnPro Protect to control the flies before they emerge from the soil.
  2. To kill the flies before they get in and stat clusters- Spray NO Bugs Super around all entry points; eaves, door/window frames, gaps around pipes, etc. Use Insect Guard Automatic Dispensers in vulnerable areas of the living spaces.
  3. Knockdown clusters with NO Bugs Super Spray, Bug Bombs or Fumigators and sweep up and remove all dead flies as they continue to attract more flies.

For more information see the 1-2-3 Cluster Fly Control programme.

David Brittain

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