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Pest Control Product of the Month

Posted in Pest Advice on February 10, 2020

February 2020

 NO Wasps Eliminator

Wasp populations have been growing through the summer and we are now well into the period of the year when wasps, particularly German and common wasps, have large nests populated with thousands of stinging wasps. If the nest is situated somewhere close to human activity the risk of stings can be significant. German and common wasp nests are often located in hollows in the ground, under a hedge or other vegetation, in tree hollows or sometimes in the eaves of buildings.

Getting insecticide into the nest safely can often be difficult. NO Wasps Eliminator is a powder insecticide that can be puffed at the entrance to the nest where the wasps land. The powder has the effect of keeping the wasps calm and its light nature means that the returning wasps pick the powder up when they land and they then walk the insecticidal powder into the nest, killing the entire colony.

See here for tips on How to Get Rid of a Wasps Nest in the Eaves.

NO Wasps Eliminator can also be used on the smaller paper wasp nests often found in gardens and around homes under eaves and hanging in trees and shrubs. For paper wasps, another option is to spray from a distance with NO Wasps Nest Killer Aerosol, but note, that it will be hard to apply this product effectively to nests in the ground and in this case in particular, NO Wasps Eliminator is the superior option.

David Brittain

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