Centipedes Indoors

Centipedes are many legged creatures often found in the garden.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

Centipede means 'a hundred legs' but centipedes usually have only about thirty legs.


To get rid of centipedes follow these simple steps:

  1. Kiwicare LawnPro Protect or LawnPro Lawnguard Granules can be sprinkled on soil and gravel areas where centipedes are found. It should be watered in well with a sprinkler or good shower of rain.
  2. To stop centipedes moving indoors apply a barrier of LawnPro Protect or LawnPro Lawnguard Granules in a ring around the building and spray around the base of walls, around vents, doorways and windows with NO Bugs Indoor or NO Bugs Super.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Centipedes are arthropods in the class Chilopoda

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