Sawflies are members of the Hymenoptera along with ants, bees and wasps. Sawfly larvae feed on plants and can do significant damage.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

The main difference between sawflies and the ants, bees and wasps is that the adults lack a narrow 'wasp waist' and instead have a broad connection between the abdomen and thorax. Even with this difference many do have a wasp-like appearance. The larvae are caterpillar-like.


To get rid of sawflies:

  • Sawflies can be controlled using Kiwicare Organic Insect Control.
  • Apply as soon as infestation is seen. Early detection and treatment is most effective. The fungicide in this product will also help to prevent disease that might enter via wounds on leaves.
  • Organic Insect Control can be applied at any time and there is only one day withholding period on fruit. It is most effective when used in early stages of infestation.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • The Pear slug is the larva of a sawfly - Caliroa cerasi

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