NO Mosquitoes Repeller

NO Mosquitoes Plug in Repeller and Repellent protects from biting mosquitoes, day and night.

Benefits Benefits

  • Night and day protection from Mosquitoes
  • Flexibility to run for 24 hours or in night mode for 9 hours
  • Repels Mosquitoes and kills them if they enter the protected room

Directions Directions

To activate the device and start protection from Mosquitoes:

  1. Unscrew the cap of the liquid refill and retain the cap.
  2. Place the refill into the plug-in unit, keeping both the unit and the refill upright. Avoid touching wick.
  3. Insert refill into the plug-in unit and turn to the right to secure the refill in the unit.
  4. Always keep the plug-in unit and refill upright.
  5. Plug the assembled unit into an electrical power outlet and switch on at the wall.


To enter Day/Night Mode (24-hour):

  1. Once the unit is plugged in, press the ‘On-Off/Set’ button once. A red light will appear next to ‘Work’.
  2. The unit will stay on continuously for 24 hours. To enter Night Mode (9-hour):
  3. To put the unit into Night Mode, push the ‘On-Off/Set’ button for a second time. This will keep the unit on for 9 hours. It will then switch itself off automatically for 15 hours.
  4. After 15 hours the unit will switch back on for the 9-hour period and so forth. Simultaneous green and red lights indicate the unit is ON.
  5. The red light will go out after 9 hours, and the unit will enter the 15-hour delay.

To turn off:

  1. To turn the unit off, keep pushing the ‘On-Off/Set’ button until both the red and green lights switch off.
  2. Alternatively switch off at power.
  3. Once the refill is empty, the unit will switch itself off. Replace the refill as indicated in the steps above.
  4. When not in use, remove the appliance from the power outlet. Retain the refill cap and screw on when not in use.

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

12 g/L Prallethrin.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Plug-In Unit & 45 ml Refill/s

Tips Tips

Use as part of the 1-2-3 Mosquito Control programme:

  1. SEARCH: Search for and drain, or treat, any pooled water breeding sites such as containers, puddles, drains etc.
  2. SPRAY: Spray breeding sites and surfaces that Mosquitoes land on around the exterior with Kiwicare NO Bugs Super Protective Barrier Spray.
  3. REPEL: Stop Mosquitoes entering the house by using Kiwicare NO Mosquitoes Plug-In Mosquito Repeller.

Regulations Regulations

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NO Mosquito Repeller
This works brilliantly I've only had to kill 2 mozzies in my room this summer, I normally kill that per night and have to sleep with a bug net. Highly recommend.

.......and to add i unplugged it to find out the brand and forgot to plug it back in had to kill 4 that night by the time I realised it was turned off.
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