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Most flies pose a threat to hygiene and are a nuisance to humans and animals. Blow flies, house flies, fruit flies and other species of flying insects are major pests of homes, farms, shops, factories and other urban and rural places of human habitation.

Our recommended solutions...

NO Flies Super Multi-Insect Automatic Refill

For continuous protection and effective control against multiple flying and crawling insects.

NO Flies Super

Professional strength, fast and effective knockdown of multiple flying and crawling insects.

NO Flies Super Multi-Insect Automatic System

Kiwicare NO Flies Automatic System provides continuous odourless protection to control flying and crawling insec…

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From our customers...

"I do not have a particular problem but find that if I use the bomb before Summer and at the end it eliminates insects and flies. As I have high ceilings I really hate seeing webs dangling from my rafters like Christmas decorations!! Flies may come in but they sure don't last long...fleas do not seem to like my house either and keep well away even though the house may be unoccupied for a few weeks. What a wonderful product I have found. Thanks."

Patricia, New Plymouth

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