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Warm Weather in Winter Wakes Wobbly Cluster Flies

Posted in Pest Advice on July 11, 2018

Winter Sun Wakes Cluster Flies 

In certain parts of New Zealand, the weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny over the last few days (written 11th July). At this time of deep winter, cluster flies are usually in their dormant state hidden away in dark dry lofts and other voids. But when these spaces warm up in the warm weather and when irradiated by the bright sunshine the cluster flies warm up enough to become active. Infested homes may find these wobbly dull black flies dropping out of light fittings in ceilings, sometimes in large numbers.

If you are finding these wobbly flies in your home it is likely that you will have clusters in your roof. You can get rid of them by spraying the roof void with NO Bugs Super or a more easy option is to set of NO Bugs Super Bug Bombs in the voids.

You may find the 1-2-3 Cluster Fly Control Programme helpful for more long term control.

David Brittain

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