Garden Beetles

There are many beetles in the garden, some will wander into homes and are regarded as a minor pest. How to stop beetles coming indoors from the garden.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

Beetles such as brown, bronze and black beetles are pest in the garden  but there are many beetle species in the garden and most are not a pest. However, occasionally there can be large numbers of beetles and some may wander or fly indoors. Usually conditions will be too dry indoors and they will soon die. You can help reduce numbers in these occasions by use of insecticide barriers.

Cockroaches are a specific problem and some may live happily indoors where they are regarded as pests. Also some may wander in from the garden or wood pile. For information on cockroaches and how to control them see the cockroach page.


  • It is best to stop the beetles wandering into the house.
  • Apply LawnPro Protect in a ring around the home and water in. This soil insecticide will control millipedes and other soil dwelling creatures before they come inside.
  • NO Bugs Super can also be sprayed inside and outside where beetles are seen. Pay particular attention to the base of walls, vents, doorways and windows. NO Bugs Indoor can be used in indoor areas where beetles are a problem.
  • Treat affected plants in the garden with PLANThealth Spectrum.

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Plant Health Spectrum

Plant Health Spectrum

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NO Bugs Super

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