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Pest Quiz and Crossword Answers

Posted in Pest Advice on January 01, 2014

These are the answers to the pest control quiz and crossword post

  1. Diseases transmitted by fleas have killed more people than wars. True.
  2. How long can cockroaches survive without food? 1 month.
  3. A female cockroach and her offspring could give rise to how many young in a year? 2 million.
  4. Are there any insects that live in the sea? False.
  5. What are the active ingredients in NO Fleas Bug Bombs and NO Fleas Total Protection? Permethrin (insecticide) and pyriproxyfen (insect growth regulator).
  6. Almost all homes have house dust mites. True.
  7. Cluster flies are members of the blow fly family. True.
  8. German wasp nests are brown and common wasp nests are grey. False.
    The other way around.
  9. The common borer flight season (when the adults emerge from the wood, fly, mate and lay eggs) is between October and March in New Zealand. True
  10. NO Borer Wood Protection and NO Borer Injector can only be used in the flight season. False.
    These products are effective applied at any time of the year. Fumigation with NO Bugs Super Fumigators or Bug Bombs should be done in the flight season.
  11. When carrying out a spider proofing wash down the spider webs first. False.
    If the house is washed down first, leave the application of NO Spiders Total Protection or NO Bugs Super until the webs have re-appeared. Then spray the webs as well as the nooks and crannies the spiders hide in. Leave for 2-3 days and then brush the webs down with a dry brush.
  12. Rats and mice gnaw inedible things such as plastic wiring and pipework to sharpen their teeth. True.

David Brittain

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