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White Footed Ant

Garden Problems , Home Pest Problems , Pest Products
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White Footed Ants are common pests in New Zealand homes and gardens. Some colonies or nests may exceed a million individuals.

Our recommended solutions...

NO Ants Nest Killer Gel Bait

For control of ant numbers and nests.

NO Ants Barrier Spray

NO Ants Barrier Spray. For long term control of ants in and around buildings.

NO Ants Ant Sand

Extremely effective control of ants before they enter your home.

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From our customers...

""The result was much better than that when I hired some pest controllers previously." Firstly, I'd like to thank your company for good advice to get rid of ants from home. I bought the products (both NO ANT GEL BAIT and NO ANT LIQUID BAIT) from Mitre10 and followed that suggestion. The result was much better than that when I hired some pest controllers previously. *But I found some problem. The Gel bait worked perfect. The liquid bait was too strong. Ants just died around the bait area, which made the bait containers shipped with the bait only useful for once or twice. Besides, if ants can not bring back the bait to their nest, there would be less chance that it can kill the queen. I hope the liquit bait can have similar effect to that of gel bait."


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