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Darwin Ants

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Darwin ants are a common pest ant in New Zealand homes and gardens. They form large colonies in New Zealand conditions and can be a considerable nuisance pest when they enter homes.

Our recommended solutions...

NO Ants Liquid Ant Bait

For effective control of ant colonies and nests. Sugar based liquid bait for sugar feeding ants.

NO Ants Total Solution Pack

The complete solution for ant control. Bait, Spray and Ant Sand. The 1-2-3 Ant Control Programme.

NO Ants Nest Killer Gel Bait

For control of ant numbers and nests.

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From our customers...

"When they show their faces, we use your NO Ant paste (Gel) to get rid of them. The product is easy to use and is not offensive to the nose. Unfortunately, I don't know the species of ant we are using your product on. They are ordinary regular sized ants. I occasionally have problems with very tiny ants in our house (located in the same locale), and the product works wonders with them as well. The product is a good one with nothing to hide."

Sally, Nelson

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