Thistles are prickly leaved weeds that will grow in lawns and waste areas of gardens.

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There are several species of thistle that are weeds in New Zealand; nodding thistle, Californian thistle, Scotch thistle and star thistle. Californian thistle is perennial and can be difficult to control due to vegetative growth from its creeping and spreading root system.

In mown lawns it produces flat low leaves in a rosette. As the leaves are prickly they can make walking barefoot or lying on the lawn a painful experience.


In Lawns

  • Apply a selective herbicide like LawnPro Turfclean Ultra or LawnPro Turfclean. This will effectively control thistles but will leave lawn grasses unaffected.
  • Because of the large rosette habit of thistles in lawns they can be easily spot treated with Weed Weapon Invade Gel.
  • For best results use in Spring and Autumn when weeds and turf are growing.

In Garden Beds

On Paths and Driveways

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Thistles are prickly plants mostly in the family Asteraceae.
  • There are many weeds known as thistles in New Zealand including Californian, cotton, heraldic, Malta, marsh, nodding, perrenial sow, plumless, prickly sow, saffron, Scotch, slender winged, sow, star, variegated, winged, woolly-headed and yellow star. Other related species include knapweed and boneseed.
  • Latin names: Nodding thistle - Carduus nutans, Winged thistle - Carduus teniflorus, Saffron thistle - Carthamus lantus, Star thistle - Centaurea calcitrapa, Malta thistle - Centaurea melitensis, Knapweed - Centaurea nigra, Boneseed - Chrysanthemoides monilifera.

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